Sunday, September 28, 2014

Windy in purple

This windy Saturday started so well, even though I had a weird feeling within my body. Alexis and me went to a child theatre and about 30min after we suddenly both started to womit and it continued for 24h. We're finally feeling better ... I mean, all the bugs that comes with kindergarden! Just got better from a cold and here comes this. We completely missed this beautiful autumn day that Sweden once again, offered. Well well ...
Alexis is wearing his favourite bomber jacket in dark blue and a matchy Jean Paul Gaultier knitted shawl for kids, both from Lindex. I'm in this stunning purple Chanel coat with knee boots and a cashmere underneath sweater and thinking If I should let my hair grow a little now when I've had this page for some time.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pierre Robert - merino wool

So what do we put on our children when the temperatures drop? Both of my kids hate bulky and too thick layers and that's why I bought some under clothing in the excellent material merino wool from Pierre Robert. It's thin, super warm, don't scratch on the skin and is breathable. Wool provides natural warmth and comfort and keeps small bodes warm even if the garment gets wet.
Now both Alexis and Leon has a full set each and I already tried them and they do work. Perfect for kindergarden and when playing outside.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Today we had a team day at work and the secret instructions said "dress warm and not too fragile". So I did. The newly landed Rodebjer faux fur west was perfect over then thin, black cashmere coat from Greta. But after half of the day gone, I took the Greta coat off and just wore it with this cashmere turtle neck, it was simply too warm after all our activity. The vest is really warmer then one can believe, i'll keep that in mind for when the temperature drops! It's so cool!
If the weather allows tomorrow, and my sick feeling in my body will get better, i'll wear one of my absolute favourite outfits so far. Let's put our fingers crossed that it will be as lovely as today! I'll wear it to the theatre with little minime (Alexis).

(bucket bag: Lempi bags, here, vest: Rodebjer, here)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn in black'n mustard

It was raining already from the morning, but I dressed well and used my umbrella as my wingman and actually worked a full day (9am-5pm, which means leaving at 7.45am and arriving back at 8.10pm), just in time to say good night to our youngest.
It made me realise one big thing today.
No matter how much I love my job and in this passion for it, one can easily stay longer - but the childhood of my children will never come back and no matter how much I turn and twist it in a couple of years, it will never be the same as when they are so small and need you so unconditionaly. What I have is here and now, and I need to be with them as a mother just as much as I can, combining it with work.
Personally, working as I do partially, is just perfect. I see them 1.5h in the morning, go to work and come back in the early afternoon to spend that precious time with my two boys. It makes me a better mother to have some freedom and grown up time and they can play around with other kids. But the happiness in their faces when I'm arriving back home, nothing can compare it and nothing is worth more. It's a privilege we have, raising our children and even though I sometimes feel like I'm going bananas of frustration, the good times makes you forget the harder ones.

(old leather jacket, old skirt: Prada, handmade wool sweater: Zara, boots: Ferragamo & bag: Chloè)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Warm in the rain

The weather really can't make up its mind it seems, switching from warm to cold, rain to sunshine. I woke up feeling so so, but went to work at our bigger department at Akademiklinken, the plastic surgery place today and worked mostly with breast enhancement before and after and liposuctions. So fascinating and interesting, I have to say my job never gets dull.

Apart from that, I'm taking the advantage as much as I can to wear all things vests/lighter furs etc etc before the unforgettable cold winter knocks on the door. Even though my hair is all messed up on these pictures and I look tired as always nowadays, I loved this grey combo with the Isabel Marant wedges!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


SOOOO cold today! I froze all the way (8min walk) to the bus and was happy this Kenzo sweater is made in wool! Starting to have a lot of patients again (for online booking, click here)! So much fun and I love helping them out and making you all look better. It's such a creative job in that sense and I forgot my bad headache, enjoyed a lunch at Sturehof with some classic Swedish meatballs and cream sause and went on working after. These pictures were snapped when I got back home from work, quite tired but with a very warm feeling inside my body, despite the chilly temperatures.

(coat: MaxMara, sweater: Kenzo, pants: Gina Tricot, bag: Chanel & boots: Isabel Marant)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Why so quiet?

Good Evening Dear readers! 
I feel you so quiet since a couple of weeks back?! It's so much more fun and inspiring when we have a chat/conversation/feedback approach here and I know ... I'm spoiled with A LOT of intelligent, fun and interesting readers and often receive many thoughts and feedback from you, so I miss your comments when they are not as many and flowy as normal!
Please make yourself heard! Even if I can't always answer right away, I do as soon as I find time after all! Autumn is here and I can't wait to show you my 2014 autumn looks! The more I feel you the more I deliver, it's the natural flow of human, we need fuel to perform!


A calm and beautiful walk with the whole family around our area. The kids are a little bit better and we had a cosy day just strolling around, doing hardly anything. How I love autumn. The warm colours of perfection in a impeccable combination with the air and the sun. Feeding some ducks at the beach, playing around ...

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Another Wednesday have past, another list arrives randomly.

Post a newly taken picture of you! - Caaaatjing. This one also lives up to the indian summer we're experiencing in Sweden. A beautiful fur vest with a t-shirt and bare foot is perfectly fine. The mornings are a little bit chilly while the afternoons are warm and lovely.

So you just started to work again Stina after 3.5 years as a stay at home mother. How does it feel? - Mostly, like holiday. Working is super easy compare to being at home with two small children and running a household. It's the hardest job I've ever done in my life! Yet I loved it so much, but I came to I point where I felt like my brain needed some more stimulation and just after a couple of days at work I felt my intellect raise to be brighter again after a time of fogginess. It's very liberating to have these hours per day where I talk to my patients, colleagues of mine, have a lunch and a coffee in peace and quite. It's so different from my normal life the past years that I sometime feel lost in the possibility to actually read a magazine or talk on the phone. My work nowadays, starts not when I arrive to the clinic in the morning, more when I return home to the family life again. Then the real, hard work begin!

How do you feel after the accident? - I feel fine. I still have slightly pain in my foot in certain movements and can't wear whatever shoes I want to yet, but despite from that we're all heavenly thankful to be here and being alive. I think about it so often, I'm so happy that my boys are well. But I have another feeling in my body when I drive now I can tell you, my heart beats and is more present and I know for sure what can happen on the road.

Any progress with the house? - Hardly any. Our kitchen chairs arrived after ten months of waiting, but nothing more exciting then that. My man is working a lot now, our nanny isn't here yet so all the time we have left, goes to the kids. They are a full time job for both of us, which is normal when you have two very small kids, so everything is put on hold until things runs more smoothly. I do know now that I will repaint and redecorate the living room, dining room and the kitchens dining room. Maybe also the hallway, we'll see. So much we want to do, but so little time for it. And I don't want carpenters running around all day at the moment. We need calm.

How do you like autumn? - For me, it's my favourite season, especially when it's like this. This weather really remind me about the autumn in Zürich that sometimes seemed never to end. Winter came in December and I loved that! Since my favourite garments are coats, shoes and bags - autumn is the best time to combine it all and I always feel most beautiful and well dressed during the fall!

Any new things taking place in your closet? - I need the Trapeze from Cèline, it would be the perfect working bag for me. When i was at home the BB Alma from Louis Vuitton among the Chanel WOC or Chanel 2.55 was my everyday companion since it was very compatible with pulling a pram, but now when I need my calendar, sometimes a lunch box, banana, wallet and a lot of other things for work I read through on my way there or home, the medium size bags are my best company again. I already got some fabulous autumn items, they will show up one by one here in my Walking in the City posts. Purple, green, eutope and black are my main colours for this year. Preferably combined with each other.

What do you look forward to? - A very special dinner invitation we just received in beginning of October, Thank You! That our nanny is arriving (as it seems now, in beginning of October!), more time with my man, booking a flight somewhere just him and me, getting in to more sturdy routines with my Pilates again mm. At the time being, honestly it's so much "small child life" and we're just trying to create some form of nice rhythm in that and a balance that fits our life.

Mention something about you, a little odd? - Well, we all have our private life and routines that falls into our personality. I always have a big glass of milk before bedtime and a sandwich, can't sleep on a empty belly and it's just something with milk that gives me a warm and soft feeling. I could and used to drink more then a litre milk per day, have to control myself not to.

What are you thankful about? - All the nice readers that almost on an everyday basis comes and thank me for this blog, gives a compliment or just some encouraging words. Since I lived abroad for a while, this maybe happened every third week in Switzerland or when we traveled, but here in Stockholm it's much more and even If i sometimes feel like "oh Lord, now they caughed me in the most everyday/chaotic/family life" and maybe I don't live up to their expectations coming with two dirty kids directly from kindergarden - they (you) are ALWAYS so kind, sweet, nice and uplifting and I'm slowly getting use to it.
I'm so much more private in real life then what might be the first thought when reading this blog, it's something I still trying to adjust, the fact that this is such a small glimpse of me and the ones who knows me would probably sign on to that the blog represent a extremely small piece of who I am.

Now when you are back in business with the medical aesthetic treatments, what do you recommend for a woman your age or around - tired, small wrinkles etc etc ...? - Restylane Vital in the face for sure which is small Hyaluronic acid drops all along the face, under the skin so that you get an overall more volumed face. Always when talking volume, people assume a big change (and of course we have treatments for that also and they give amazing results for the cheekbones etc) but Vital is extremely small particles that just smoothes out the first sign of ageing and gives a fundamental fresher look to the face. I always recommend a light dose of Botox to minimise or prevent the wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes and if you can, I would preferably combine this with an chemical peeling.
I haven't done anything now for a couple of years and just started again. It feels like a blessing and I already feel I'm getting back on track. I need it more then ever and even if it's hard to see on my outfit posts, age is also getting to me and that's fine, I just want to age slowly with grace and I'll help the nature a little on the way so I can look and feel the best even in 15 years ahead!
What I do now, will slow the process a lot and I'm more then happy to do so since I know we often feel the way we look. I mean, I'm turning 35 years old and I'm very happy to have taken such care of my face and decollate, it has proven to give results! Especially with the last 3.5 years! If I would look the way I've often felt, I would look super tired, grey and more like 50!

So, how would you sum up your new life as a working mother with two very small children? - I love it, but it needs organisation to work and you need help. Either from family, friends, baby sitter, nanny or whatever but it's so fragile. Just this Friday i had a very important thing with work, not to mention my patients, but my man was in Switzerland and both kids had high fever and no one could help me watch them so I had to stay at home of course. I don't mind, I want to take care of them myself when they need me the most, but still, it was complicated with work.

This picture sort of shows it all! From working woman at Akademikliniken, well dressed to grocery shopping, sweaty with two dirty children from pre-school! Wouldn't like to live with neither but it sure is intensive! Pictures form my Instagram. (stina_auer)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Less is more

I found this pic from a couple of weeks back in Geneva. It really shows more or less how I see my style and often, style in general. Less is really more. I think this picture is flawless and I can see myself wearing this outfit year after year after year. It's timeless, simple and very feminine in its simplicity.

(coat: byMalene Birger, top: COS, both bags: Louis Vuitton, shades: Tom Ford & flats: Chanel)

Another one

Another, according to me, perfect work/autumn look. Leather pants, black boots with a low heel (I do much more walking now along the day) a nice bag and of course, the beautiful Chanel coat just enhances it all!

Will get back soon with a Wednesday List!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Work wear

So I'm trying to let my man catch me (take a picture) if he is available when I'm coming home from work. At the clinic we have special clothes, but too and home from work I enjoy some nice garments and take great pleasure in combining them with edgy and fun accessories.
I love this Salvatore Ferragamo coat and I think it goes perfect to the light purple Lady Dior bag, the manly loafer from Mango and the knitted beige sweater from IRO. It's simple and elegant, a bit different yet practical.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Can't wait to get back to Stockholm Pilates Center and my Pilates.

Since the accident I haven't been able to do any and now it's a puzzle trying to fit in two times Pilates per week without taking more time away from the children which I already do by working now. I love Pilates, I love how my body changed into this miracle machine since i started and I've never been so proud over it as I was when I was doing it regular. It's truly amazing, all the talk around this special training form really lives up to it all.

I wish you all to start and feeling the improvement in mind and body. On Saturday I'll go there again and hopefully my body will be fit for fight to start again after a couple of weeks break.

How do you fit in training with job and a family life?

Stina's Vintage Store

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Monday, September 15, 2014

A little hint

My father had his birthday celebration yesterday (puss) at our place and I wore this knitted dress from JPG collaboration with Lindex (out in stores 8th of Oct). I didn't exactly understand how it was suppose to be worn until I saw the model on the runway wearing it - the zipper in the waist line is suppose to be half open. That made all the different and the dress is now a perfect, sensual and original autumn dress which can be worn just like this just as with black stockings and knee boots. You can also open the zipper completely and use the top part as a normal turtle neck.

(heels: Christian Louboutin)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

LINDEX 60 years

So we arrived early lunchtime to Gothenburg after Lindex gave us a whole fashion train full with people who would be there for their fashion show and party to celebrate them turning 60 years old and being better and stronger then ever plus combining it with the wonderful collection with Jean Paul Gaultier.
I haven't been to Gothenburg in many years and was very happily surprised. The Clarion Post hotel was truly amazing with it's very international feeling and grandiose volume with focus on details.
My jumpsuit, custom made to fit me to perfection! I LOVED it, it felt so retro, so sexy yet comfortable and very easy to wear. With high heels it's just splendid!
Relaxing with a Gin'n Tonic on the pool terrace. Some of us actually bathed, but I had forgot my swim suit so I stayed watching the roof view over the city and chatted with some friends. I'm completely dressed in my favourite autumn look, all Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex, released the 8th of October. The grey sweater is just so chic with the zippers and the pants - well I've worn them about ten times already. Says a lot!
My make up and details. The Recovery cream from Akademiklinikens own line is always with me since I tried it. It won a prestigious price not long time ago.
Silver and black in Roger Vivier and Christian Louboutin.
So these two days was ... indescribable. The fashion show beat all shows during the swedish Fashion week and the clothes in it as well. We sat front row at the best seats and It felt international, luxurious, well thought through, street style easy, nice cuts and wonderful shades and cuts. The models where top notch with models like Karen Elson, Caroline Winberg, Izabel Goulart, Frida Gustafsson etc etc and the artist playing was so good! Jean Paul Gaultier was there himself and it was a night I will remember forever.
Lindex made everything to really pamper us and make us feel special and appreciated. We dance like crazy in the midnight hours and just had so much fun. Thank you again Lindex, Mathilda and Filippa, Michael Bindefeld AB etc etc!

Only problem now is that I want at least ten of the garments! Big craving!!!!

(Both Susanne & Frida is also completely dressed in Lindex)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Taxi Stockholm Premium Vip service

Lindex had prepared a whole fashion train, only filled with fashion people to take us down to the cute city Gothenburg, south of Sweden. I had the privilege to order one of Taxi Stockholm's VIP cars which is a premium service where you're being picked up with a little bit more finesse then the regular taxi cars. This one comes with a private chauffeur, well dressed, it's a black car so you arrive more discretely and then will also have taken cared of delays and things if you're arriving with trains or fights. You will always be able to get a VIP car if the normal cars are busy. Overall it's just more exclusive which is very nice!

(stunning sweater with zippers and pants: Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex (in stores 8 of Oct) & heels: Roger Vivier)


Back from the most amazing fashion show ever and really, an amazing, super fun time! We spent two days down in Gothenburg with Lindex who turned 60 years, Jean Paul Gaultier himself, all fasionistas, stylist, fashion magazines etc etc. Lindex has become one of the strongest high street brands on the market and I wanted it all! Especially the pices that started the show, the pastel colours, the long coats, the knitted sweaters with the flare, light pants .... ohhh ...
Can't wait to show you more pictures!

If you follow me on Instagram (stina_auer) you can also see many updates that wont be on the blog and vice versa!

 Until then, check this movie out from the night! (you might find us a little in it ...)

Now you can also shop the white cape with black details (see here on me) that was one of the limited edition pieces for this show! Click here. There you'll also find other just marvellous garments, perfect for a super stylish, yet practical and comfortable autumn and winter!