Sunday, March 29, 2015

New in!

Happiness is coming home to my two boys and man with so much intensive love - but ALSO realising that I forgot that I ordered this stunning spring coat (they had it on 20%) with the lovely new espadrilles in snake imitation before leaving! The coat is reversible, which means you can have it in the light side out or the dark blue which I had this afternoon when taking the family out for family fun. Rodebjer always have pieces with that little extra!

(Coat: Rodebjer at Kotyr, shoes: Samsoe & Samsoe, bag: Louis Vuitton/Longchamp & the best stretch jeans ever: 2nd Day, here)


An amazing weekend in the Principality of Monaco well spent with the most successful and inspirational people in the medical aesthetic filed. Everyone from all around the world was mostly gathered to take in inspiration, learn more and be part of the future of this ongoing business of youth and beauty. Here with two of my wonderful colleagues, Lena and Josephine.

I've been to Monaco many times and I'm always reflected by the small and privileged beauty of this little place and love the atmospheric aura of the old and captured, the nature and the mountains behind.
The weather was outstanding (even though we were mostly inside during day, except for a well needed long lunch at the classic Hotel de Paris).

Funny thing is how well we're doing in Sweden when talking about injection of Hyaluronic acid (fillers like Restylane, Teosyal, Juvederm, Emervel) and Botox. We're so advanced in our results and how we use it. Often when being around in congresses like this, where the best of the best is showing live demonstrations and presenting something new or results, I am thrilled to see that me and many in Sweden have been doing this already for a long time and get ten thousand better results then what's shown in the congresses or education's. Not to sound bracky, but Restylane, the absolute first filler on the market and still the world leading of safety and which have most research rapports, was made in Sweden 1996 and after influenced many other chemist to develop the rest that's now on the market and doing well.
Also the face of us from Scandinavia is still very natural and fresh looking while many of the women (mostly from East) look so made, so plumped and fixed.As if their face was ready to burst any minute.  The body doesn't match the very fixed look of the top. Same with many women from arabian countries and down south of Europe, they are just too much. I could go around the whole day and just inspect other women. So much beauty, really outstandingly stunning women, but also very (fillers/plastic surgery/Botox) goes bad - results.
A woman of 50 years old should not look like a plastic made 35 year old in the face she should look like herself, but smoother and fresher, nothing else. Same with young women who just do too much. But different cultures really have different ways of pre suing beauty, a doctor from Europe told us that where he lives, if the treatment he did was not very visible, the patients was not happy while as in Scandinavia, that's considered a bad treatment. Depending on where you are, the result should clearly be more or less obvious, a sign that we clearly could allow us to witness in this congress.

I'm happy to find us all three very natural looking and people was very amazed by that. (Maybe some would like us as long time treaters, to do more and "take better care of ourselves", who knows?

More pictures soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Dear Friends & Followers, 

Packing now and off for a trip over the weekend. This week have been SO hectic, can't wait to change environment even though I already long for the small children. 
I hate being a way from them so much as I've had to be this week, mostly because of work. 

Talk soon and you can always get small glimpses on my Instagram stina_auer


Monday, March 23, 2015


Spring came and went in the speed of light. But that wont stop me from continuing as much as possible to dress for Spring. I just can't bare another day of winter, my soul will burst of depression.

This gorgeous and 100 percent silk coat from Greta I've had hidden in my closet since last season. It also comes with a strap so you can get more of a trench vibe from it. Perfect like today with a wool sweater under, or for parties, with the belt strap, wearing a dress underneath. That's what I love about Greta. It so useful!

A little bird also told me that GRETA is having an amazing SALE with very discounted prices on dresses, silk blouses, coats, gowns, pants etc etc this upcoming week, the 25-26th of Mars from 8.00-19.00 Grevturegatan 30, 1st floor. Amazing pieces form older collections, mostly in size Small but also Medium and Large. 

This coat will be sold for a ridiculous price so MAKE SURE TO STOP BY and get yourself some amazing collections!

(coat: Greta, sweater, IRO, leather pants: Missoni, shoes: Acne & bag: Hermés)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

CORINNE - leather hair accessories

Finally they're here, Corinne (From Top Model, Corinne & Friends, etc) own hair accessories line in beautiful leather, chains and metal. Perfect for someone like me, who mostly just put my hair in a bun in the morning and leave. So easy and simple to use, yet creates a much more stylish finish to a very simple hair due!

Click here to check them all out!

THE suit

I love a nice suit on a woman. What cooler and more easy going, yet original and sophisticated way of dressing? I felt like a Bond woman and stood out among all dresses.
The white blazer is also über chic to black leather pants and a white t-shirt. Completely in love!

(suit: Lindex (in stores now), lace top: Hano, bag: Louis Vuitton & heels: Fendi)

Friday, March 20, 2015


It was such a long time since I did one of these, often very appriciated lists. They're fun to write so I'll offer you some amusement when you find time to read!

So - what have you do this past Wednesday Stina?
- Well, except for taking care of my small kids in the morning and kissing them Good Buy and then running off to a full day of wonderful patients - I've also did something extremely fun and very much needed.
I had the very talented Jenny Hanzon (click here) that is a colleague of mine at Akademikliniken, tattoo permanent makeup, very discretely with 3D technique which makes it look so pretty and natural, on my eyebrows and the lips. They looks smashing and I can't wait to see it healed in a week or so. Many years back I was frightened about these sort of permanent makeup things, but today they looks so good it's hard to see that they are done.
The eyebrows are made looking like natural hair and my lips are just slightly enhanced in the counter without looking hard or unnatural. I was also surprised that it hardly hurt, I put on my anaesthetics, maybe that's why, but honestly, it was easy peasy!
I'm very happy that I did this, it's been on my mind forever since I have to colour them else every second week and I never leave home without some lipstick. The less i need to do on myself, the better. Not to mention how marvellous it will be in the summer when bathing etc! Tres chic!

What was the best part of Morocco?
- Spending time with my man and eating so much delicious food and also learning more about how to cook it at home!

- What happens in the nearest future of excitement?
- Well next weekend I'm off to Monaco partly for work, that's going to be very interesting and wonderful. I have great memories from there. Click here to see.

- Any new desires for spring and summer?
- Absolutely, always. I get bored easily, sell it in my Stinas Vintage Store (click) and buy new things. This beautiful jumpsuit with lace behind is a piece I've looked at for some days now ... Love the snake espadrilles also with a higher sole. Perfect for a stylish everyday.

Tell me something we don't already now about you?
- I very often have two dinners. One at 6.30pm and one at 9pm something. Can't go to bed with a empty belly. I am also deadly scared of snakes and M don't found it so amusing when I almost got a panic attack outside the Souk in Marrakech where these horrible cobra guys sits with there ultra scary snakes. Honestly, I am extremely scared and can't even see them on a picture.

What do you normally eat for breakfast?
 - My often very chaotic, yet cosy in a way - breakfast at 7.15am contains a huge tea cup of strong coffee with plenty of milk, two pieces of some dark bread with butter and scrambled eggs. I eat a second small breakfast at 10am at work before having lunch at 12.

Isn't it hard that M is so often away and not seldom, almost a week at the time?
- Yes it is but the days are so completely full so I do miss him of course but hardly have time to think about that. Life though is SO much easier when he is around. The kids are very different to me then with to him. When i'm around they fight over me, whine more and seek my attention constantly. Their father is very warm and lovely but they beehive somewhat better with him. I've heard though that this often is the case with mothers versus father. Although I am a very firm mother also and stand by my rules and raise my voice many times during day, but I am also so in love with the kids and give them everything i can of warmth and cosiness.
I would love having us all under the same roof always, eventually it might be like that, but for the nearest future, not.

Which is the best jeans on the market?
- Really don't know but the comfiest is for sure the brand 2nd Day which I buy here. Just got my second pair. Swear, the feel like tights and those are the only jeans I can leave on at home when I'm coming back from work, they are so soft and comfy!

Talk soon!


One of my all times favourite classic brands that is making dresses for the most perfect feminine silhouette, all types of bodies and they feels like heaven on and fits to every occasion in life. With flats, high heels, more dressed, more casual ...

Took a look at their spring collection today. How happy am I that the dress model SIRI is back? Beautiful as a rose! And the new white shirt? Looks like perfection to me with covered silk buttons. Had to get a few things!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I LOVE my job!

You know I always love going to work, I'm one of the blessed people who truly have a career which I love. And most often I meet these interesting and lovely patients of mine who are just a pleasure to help to improve. Like today. I woman I've done quite a lot on came back today for a Tear Trough treatment (for the tiredness/hollowness under the eyes). The result where so good (i knew they would be) that she came back with these flowers twenty minutes after with the card that thanked me for my always so fantastic and professional handling of my patients. I mean, how kind?

To read more about what I do and can do for you, please go to Improvements by Stina Auer or book an appointment. I'd love to help out with what ever you need to look the absolute best YOU!

By the way - I wear NO make up on this picture. It looks like I do, but I don't. Will tell you more later!

Have a cosy and calm evening!

Family brunch

So for our trip to Morocco to be even possible, my lovely mother and father in law had to come over from Geneva to help our nanny a little. When we got back home we all went out for a wonderful, classic Swedish lunch at Vill Källhagen in Djurgården (with exceptional bad service by the way, I know they're known for it, but they really had such a nonchalant welcoming and handeling of most people, sad but true). Nevertheless it was a beautiful spring day, still quite raw air but the sun, ohh the sun. Love it soo much!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#superrolemodel LINDEX collection

Lindex - the upcoming brand, perfect for everyday when you want to look feminine, chic yet with an easy going feeling to it - has started a campaign called #superrolemodels where they collaborate with some amazing supermodels that also do something for the world as a major project in their life.

I love what Lindex has done to high street fashion in Sweden and Europe and I also love the staff that works with the marketing and the designer herself. They're all a great bunch of strong women, very inspirational.

The very thought through campaign was launched today and has so many great summer pieces in it, but most of all, the sale goes partly to these different organisations which try to do something beyond for all humans and the planet we're living in. They also sell this white T-shirt with the same hashtag on and if you buy it, the profit goes directly there. This is my favourite! Or this set with the top and the pants!

One of the women being a face and a profile for this wonderful campaign, is the always so humble, not to mention gorgeous Christy Turlington. I love reading interviews therefor I though I should publish one where she answers some questions for this collaboration with Lindex.

Written Q&A Requests. 
Christy Turlington 

- For the Lindex Spring/Summer 2015 wardrobe, what are your three must-haves and why have you chosen them? 

- What’s your secret to balancing your career and your personal life, and how do you do it? 
- There are no secrets. I do the best that I can each day and sometimes I do better than others. Since I became a mother, my priorities are my family then the other things I do that help me to be the best mom and version of myself I can be. Being healthy and staying active helps me to be all of these things. 

- What are the things you love to do most with your friends and family? 
- I love to travel and have adventures with friends and family. 

- What’s been the best thing about working with Lindex on this campaign shoot? 

- Which is your favourite look from this collection and why? 

What does fashion and style mean to you personally? 
- I guess one is the means to the other. I think style is something that is quite individual. The way a person chooses to present themselves through fashion can say a lot about them as a person. I am very practical and tend to dress for what I need to do in a given activity. Mostly I just want to be comfortable and not feel over shadowed by the things I wear. 

- How do you think style and fashion can empower women to look and feel great? 
- I think when a woman feels confident she is empowered so whatever it might be that makes us feel ourselves and most grounded. For some that means embellishing themselves and dressing up and for others, like me, it means keeping things simple, more minimal.

- What’s the best memory you have from entire career as a model? 
- There are too many to name. I often think about experiences rather than specific memories and those are usually from trips in exotic locations. I remember the first trip to Tanzania shooting for British Vogue with Arthur Elgort as the photographer. That one really stands out in my mind. 

- Can you name your best and worst fashion moments from your career? 
- I don’t really know what would be my best since in my career others dress me as they choose. I do remember a phase in the early 90’s when we would all dress up like old ladies in Chanel tweeds with lots of jewelry. 

- In your own wardrobe, what are the three items you can’t live without and why? 
- Good jeans, chunky sweaters, great t-shirts, a well-cut blazer. I could probably live without all of these items but they tend to be the items I would miss the most. 

- What are the three beauty products you can’t live without and why? 
- Maybelline Lash Sensational is my go to mascara that I wear everyday, Imedeen Time Perfection supplements for beautiful and healthy skin and a great moisturizer or facial oil. 

- When times are stressful, how do you stay looking fresh and put together? 
- A good night’s sleep is my answer to almost everything. If I can’t get that a yoga class or a short run will help get me back on track again. Having a few classic pieces in your wardrobe will make it easier to make good choices in a pinch. 

- Can you describe what it means to you to be a super role model? 
- I guess it means aspiring to be my best self every day, not only for myself but for those around me who look to me for guidance or leadership.. 

- Who in your life is a super role model to you and why? 
- My mom was definitely my first role model and then my older sister after her. They are both women I look up to because of the choices they have made in life. I have had many role models throughout the years. There are qualities in every woman that I admire and respect. 

- What was it that made you found Every Mother Counts? 
- After experiencing a complication after delivering my daughter in 2003 I became a maternal health advocate. I learned that hundreds of thousands of girls and women die each year bringing life into the world because they don’t have access to basic or emergency obstetric care that could easily save their lives. I went on to make a documentary film called No Woman, No Cry and then founded Every Mother Counts in 2010 to continue to educate others about the challenges and solutions that could improve birth outcomes for both mothers and babies around the world. 

- What has been its greatest success so far? 
- We currently support programs in seven countries that address three of the main barriers women face when in need of critical maternal healthcare; education, transportation and supplies. We have impacted more than 70,000 lives so far. 

- What are the future plans for Every Mother Counts in the next year? 
- 2015 is the 5th anniversary of the documentary and organization. To mark this occasion we will be revisiting each of the countries highlighted in “No Woman, No Cry,” starting with Tanzania. We will be running the Kilimanjaro half marathon this March 1st in Tanzania to commemorate this important development milestone year and to put a spotlight on one of the biggest barriers women face- distance. 
- Can you name five essentials for your handbag - and explain why you have chosen them? 
1. A Moleskin notebook- I am a note taker and a list maker. 
2. Hand cream- my hands get so dry in the winter 
3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 
4. A charger for my phone 
5. A book- any chance I get I try to read

- How has your beauty regime and styling regime changed since you became a mother? 
- It’s pretty consistent with life before children though time is even more precious so a ten-minute process has come down to five minutes 

Click HERE to come to the the clothes sold for the campaign!

Morning pyjamas

Morning snuggling with my youngest, 6.45am in the morning. Wearing this wonderful, feminine and ultra soft beautiful pyjamas from Fanny Castelius. I love "home wear" and actually change to cosy things as soon as I am home from work. This one is just as cosy to be around in the house in just as sleeping in before summer gets too warm.

Find it here.

My practical and gorgeous silk lashes I just put (had them all the time in Morocco and on these photos) on are made by the one and only Magda (insta: Magdis84) - right now she's offering a new set of silk, super natural lashes (like the ones I having here, the same length as my own, but black and fuller) or longer, she is really a perfectionist and is the best on town many regular eye lash customers say! Until end of April she's offering 650SEK (1300kr normally) for a new, full set and same price for refreshing set (if you mention Stina Auer when booking) - call her at 070-462 49 91 - her place is located at Birgerjarlsgatan 84 in Stockholm.

Talk soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


One of the hottest days I tried this shorts with long sleeved shirt on, but we had to drive back to the hotel and change. Morocco is really not the place for this kind of style, but I'll make sure to remember this cute combination for summer!

(shirt: Equipment, shorts: Zara, bag: Louis Vuitton & heels: Valentino)

Back to normality

Back to reality we are again. Funny how fast it goes from calm, romance and paradise to small monkeys, chaos and not a calm moment … nor time for anything else then our wonderful and energetic little boys.

Today I wore this fun combo of green MaxMara coat, knitted sweeter from IRO, bag from Lindex & shades: Prada.
Tomorrow I'm doing something extremely fun that I've longed to do. It's permanent and will make my summer life/face in South of France much easier, not to mention prettier … Will tell you more in time!

More colorful pictures from Morocco soon!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Marrakech Medina wear

This is how I normally dressed in the somewhat conservative, religions and very traditional Medina, the centre of Marrakeh. Long pants, sandals and a short sleeved top. The shoulders are not to be seen, but gosh it was solo warm I had to breath and get air in somewhere!

(the weird traces in my fore head comes from the riding earlier during the day ...)

Marrakech randoms

Even if we're home now, I can't stop browsing hotels, places in Morocco to stay at for the future. It's just something in the mysticism of it all that is vey enchanting and I try to picture myself and the boys (and M of course, we need someone in fluent French for sure, blink) living there for a few years. There's so much more of Morocco that most people haven't seen, a grown and upcoming Arabic Europe (maybe not, but you get my picture) and it's very intriguing to fantasy myself taking us all and try it out. I'm sure there's some excellent French schools and M could probably work from there and what I would do ... well maybe what I already do or something absolutely different. I can't get that thought of my mind, that's for sure. We have one life, we must try what is hunting us ...

Magical evenings

How I love getting home to a hotel after a full day, have some nice Rum or any other strong cocktail, spend time together in a slow rhythm, shower, put some evening makeup on, get dressed in something you'd never wear on a everyday, have some more Rum or other beverage, become slightly tipsy, get the heels on, kiss, listening to some good music, hold hand and get into the car and experience a new place, indulge in some tasty food with a nice bottle of wine and just talk, laugh, eat, drink and forget the everyday life for a moment (or two).

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Marrakech riding

We did a lot of fun things during daytime this time. One of the things were getting out riding for three hours in the raw nature and a short tea break at a small little house before continuing. I've been riding half my life, but nevertheless, I felt quite nervous and rusty and so did my man. My horse was called Luna (Lunetic) and even if she was the smaller version and looked so cute and calm, she was a nervous, complete crazy horse who almost got me of her back about five times and raced me in complete gallop three times without any possibility to stop. At one point I thought of my boys and all the big rocks on the ground and felt like If I stay on this horse (my proud confidence wanted of course) I will come home with a broken leg or back. Not worth it at all. So M and me had to switch horse in the end, he is far heavier and could more easily control this nutshell.

No matter what, it was super fun and I am very happy we did this unusual thing together!

(Note to self: Do not bring and ride with the Chanel WOC, it will open itself all the time and the things will fall out ...)


One of the gorgeous dresses I brought home. Handmade and perfect for colourful summer days.

Marrakech mixture

The beauty of arabic artesian architecture goes beyond words. The mathematic perfection, made in symbols to discretely give blessings of religions and show their beliefs in a very modest way, compared to the absolutely heavy Catholicism or religions like that, is exactly what I love. Discretion is much more fascinating. Everything is made to perfection when it comes to patterns or decorations, always with a hint of amazing colours. One can not do anyhting else then be affected by it's magnificent.

There's a modern Morocco and a very traditional - blend with each other in a somewhat hard to understand way. The islamic heaviness is more visible now then before, yet the new era of young Moroccans show their liberty and try to adjust their life to be more independent, yet it's clear that they are far from where we are today. You'll never be able, as a young moroccan woman to attend a cafe with your girlfriend without adding shame to your family for being available for flirtation and narcissism. Clearly most very "evening dressed" women with heavy makeup were "road flowers" (escort girls, prostitutes, paid company) as we nicely call them for older international men with lot's of money and a possibility to a better life perhaps.
Part of the females go dress like European women, the rest with the typical Djellaba(h) which is the traditional "kaftan" but with a hood on the back to protect from sand or sun, and the third part in complete burkas, covering the complete body including the face except the eyes. The men are more or less the same blend of modernity and traditional man Djellabah, but of course with tons more freedom.
Morocco is chaos to a western eye, a dynamic mix of cars, caravans, free walking animals, pollution, dust, dirt, people, street food, light weight motorcycles that carry a whole family on one, with the smallest child in front without a helmet. The segregation between the ultra poor and the middle class and wealthy is remarkable visible, but where is it not today in this weird world we're living in?

You'll find modern, ultra hip restaurants (often own by some french guy) very "lounge" in style, and the more authentic moroccan restaurant, where the food obviously is ten times better and served as it should. We went to both kind, and always a stunning Riad with impeccable architecture or style for lunch.

There are many top notch international hotels, but somewhat I find that those luxurious huge hotels all look the same and I love finding luxurious, yet "real" places to stay so that you take part for the country and the cultural in a more close way.

I'll give you tips for Riads, restaurant and things to to in a post coming soon!

Talk soon!

(sunglasses: Fendi, sandals: Hermés, see through tunic: Mexx & purple bag: Louis Vuitton)