Thursday, August 21, 2014

The perfect grey coat

And how we love online shopping! Especially in the family situation where I'm at!  Alone time is sort of ... little of.
I knew I wanted a classic grey coat for this autumn since grey is such a perfect colour and actually looks good with literally most things. I needed it warm but yet young looking, chic and something where I could easily collaborate with different styles. When I read that this one also had a special insolation, made for cold autumns and early winters - it was mine. How perfect isn't it?

I also have my eyes on this one, but we'll see.

(coat: Samsoe & Samsoe, here , Leon's little outfit is from here)

Chanel versus Essie

There's two things you'll seldom see me without - some form of colour on my lips and nail colour. I feel naked without and think it's the perfect fun twist of an outfit and style. But lately I've made myself a promise. I'm forbidden to be as superficial as I've been throughout the years and continuing buying the Chanel ones just because I love their package. They last one-two days while the less fancy one Essie last not seldom, a week.
Essie also makes so much more shades and Chanel can't even be compared since they've become so bad lately and really last nothing. I'm always putting under coat, two layers of colour and not seldom top coat, but even so, they start falling off after a very short amount of time.

So Essie is clearly the winner and I will continue paying a third of the price for something that is just so much better. Don't you all agree?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


So yesterday was a day spot on and even with my migraine I felt happy and alive. I wore this coat from Balanciaga, the knitted west top from Phillip Lim, my absolute favourite pants from Greta and pooped it up with the neon yellow bag from Louis Vuitton!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Perfect day!

Haven't had a day like this in a long time! M left Alexis at kindergarden this morning and took care of Leon half of the day.
I had time to attend some meetings, do my cantlivewithout Pilates at SPC and thereafter have a preview of the superb collaboration Lindex now have with the old time, classic artist and designer; Jean Paul Gaultier. I mean, the collaboration, I will hang at their door! It's amazing! Four garments I just HAVE to have!
Those sort of gatherings also mean that I have the opportunity to meet some of my lovely fashion girl friends and spend some nice, easy going time with them, plus meet some new lovely ladies! My mood went from migrainish (migraine headache) this morning to free, happy and just all bubbly inside!

More pictures about what I was wearing tomorrow!


Alexis is looking for snails, I'm trying to pose for a picture. The snail hunting won and the posing was non exciting. But I wore this combination yesterday! The lovely Chanel-ish necklace is from my little sisters' besties new online store! Check it out!

(coat: byMalene Birger, top: Phillip Lim, pants: Rebecca-Stella, necklace: Tiffanysdarlings, here & bag: Dior)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Horse day

So proud! 

Another thing I'm extremely happy and also proud about, is the fact that finally Alexis and Leon is starting to play with each other. It has been some frustrating, horrible, heart breaking months where my oldest showed all kinds of jealosy towards the youngest in a very hard way. 24/7. It was a war in our house! 
My motherly heart was angry, sad, didn't know how to handle it and just felt like I've destroyed little Alexis soul by giving him a younger brother who demands love and affection too. Even so I needed to protect Leon. 
I always tried to focus on Alexis, but even so this sort of jelousy was so strong! But now I see the end of the tunnel and my heart jumps up and down when I hear Alexis through the house shouting - "Eeeeeeeoooooooooonnnnnnnn, come hit play me miiiiiggg". 

(A typical mix of all languages we use, but it means "Leon, come and play with me")

Talk soon!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Temperature change

I know most of you will disagree, but I love this between temperatures when you can wear a dress and a small jacket on, but also have pants and a nice cardigan/light coat. We went to a place close to us and my oldest actually tried riding two different horses. With a leader and me of course, but most kids didn't dare and my Alexis had no fear whatsoever so I was obviously a very proud mama. I wish I would have time to take up riding myself again, but that's further away in life. But one day I might be able to take both of my boys on a riding tour in the wild West, how cool would that be? 

(wool cardigan: Lindex t-shirt: Cos, wedges: Isabel Marant & bag: Lempi, here)

The things around

... makes it all come together!
The whole look soon!

(bucket bag: Lempi, here (don't forget that you'll have 10% off with the code: stinaauer10) wedges: Isabel Marant & cashmere shawl: Hermés)

Saturday, August 16, 2014


It was slightly too warm for this wool coat/cardigan in the end (morr ...) but for the spots in shade, it was perfect. Thank you mum and dad for dragging me out of the house today, without the kids. It was so nice spending time with just the two of you, even for only three hours!

And the best part is: coming home to two super happy kids who just long for their mummy to come home! Ohhh these little boys of mine, how I love them to pieces. How they are my life, my joy and happiness. It's crazy how much love they give me everyday! Even during the must frustrating days, I still feel so blessed. To have them in my life. Next to me. In my heart, being a part of my flesh and soul.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Have a great Friday!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In need of a little help!

So when you're all discussing politics, consumption, luxury habits, overflow, the unbalance of this world, segregations and unfairness here at the blog (love it and will dig in to it as soon as I find the time and energy) - I'm trying to sort our life out which is very up and down right now. So many things just don't work out for us right now and one of the things being that our very needed nanny help, is still stuck in Russia and the Swedish migrations have taken summer vacation and nothing gets done over there.
Just don't get me started on how the Swedish migration can be so %&€*& but it's three month now since we applied for a work Visa and no one can even give me an answer on when they will start the progress!?
The contact person I've got has a available phone time every day between 10-11am, but even though I call every day about 20 times, she never answers. I mean, it's so frustrating, not to mention unprofessional and plan and simple STUPID.

Problem being that we need help with Leon, since he is so small I only want him to attend kindergarden a couple of hours per day and for me to be able to work at least 5-6 hours per day, we need someone taking care of his little chubby and sunshine being. But no. M just got back from Geneva and everything feels very unstable and half chaotic.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well since we're sort of desperate, I kindly ask for help from this source. If there's anyone who have any good contact at the Swedish Migrations, please email me and maybe you can help me at least talk to the right person. It would be so appreciated and very kind!

Talk soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In the meantime

I know we shouldn't say this; but I start to long for the autumn! I'm tired of being almost naked in a bikini or running around bare legs! I want to wear pants, cool autumn boots and lovely coats and jackets. I hate the winter though, especially now when we're back in Sweden which often has an unbearably long, grey, horrible winter where all you can do is cover yourself up in the warmest shoes/padded jackets/hats and all, just to stay alive. But autumn ... I just love it.
I remember the amazing colourful season we had in Zürich last year, it was pure heaven. The temperatures was calmly balanced, not too warm and not too cold. Just perfect for a cashmere sweater and a light coat, sometimes only a t-shirt and a coat.

But until then - this is what I wore today. Black on black.

(very thin baby cashmere sweater: Davida (here), skirt: nobrand, fur bag: Fendi & heels: Roger Vivier - accompanied by the very old but loyal mr: Tiger)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stina's Vintage Store

Some new, amazing items up in Stina's Vintage Store ...

Be kind

Kindness always wins!

(t-shirt: Zara, pants: Gina Tricot, ballets: Chanel & bag: Louis Vuitton)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Archipelago crayfish party!

Back from a lovely, somewhat crazy (four kids under three years old) crayfish party at my besties place in the absolutely stunning archipelago which never fails to impress me with its greatness and beauty.

(silk blouse: Acne, bag: Louis vuitton, travel bag: Louis Vuitton & wedges: Isabel Marant)

Friday, August 8, 2014

WEDNESDAY LIST - a la my man

So I though that it would be fun if this weeks WEDNESDAY LIST ( i know, they NEVER arrive the correct day) was instead some of the questions you've asked here and there about my mans thoughts about how I dressed and my style.

It's well known since forever that men normally loves when women are dressed in tight or ultra feminine clothes like dresses and high heels. Not all men of course, but generally.
I'm often bored of tight and "close to my skin" kind of dresses. The modern and very fashionable Streetstyle way of dressing, brought to us in never ending variations from the very popular street photographers - not seldom shows a more masculine way of dressing for women. I find it very liberating since being a woman is more in the personality, the way you move, carry yourself, your view of life personal style and how you passionately indulge it. Probably also for the fact that it gives more freedom to play with my children and have a normal everyday life with them ... For me, clothes and style reflects a personal feeling and a will to express; sometimes I want to be super sensual and feminine, other times more boyish or easy going since I actually feel even more sexy, cool and free with it!

But it's the same with many popular designers like Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang, IRO to just name a few. They enhance the more masculine, androgen, rough sexual side of us with shapes, cuts and fabrics not always understood by a normal man.
I like it, but with a hint of femininity else it gets too rough. Point is - our men doesn't always get it and since I'm playing with different styles depending on what I feel like that day, I thought it could be fun to dig deeper into what my man really think about the way I dressed.
Thank you for the questions dear readers! 

So these questions my man answered earlier today!

1. How would you describe Stina's style?
Stina's style is chic, a little osé, generally unusual and most of all colourful. Where I come from, it's the first thing that I really noticed. Also, she doesn't just wear clothes, she cherishes them and embellishes the whole outfit.

2. What did she wear the night you first meet?
The first night we met, if I remember correctly, she was wearing a leopard dress and the studded Louboutin's... a tall Stina as I call it these days. I know she'll contest this, but I have an image of a first impression hair down on her way to the place's cloakroom.
(*there were no studded Louboutin, but a pair of Sergio Rossi boots, very different looking ha ha ha. Nor did I have my hair down, I had it in a knot like always ... After a couple of hours it might have been pulled down and be all over the place though, blink.)

3. What do you think others think about Stina's style, is it different from your friends girlfriends/wife's styles?
Her style is definitely different from my previous relationships: more elaborate, more thought through, but also quite a notch further up. I'm not too sure what other think about her style, but to me she always stands out and will go where others don't: that can be interpreted both good and bad. 

4. What do you like most when Stina is wearing for A: everyday, B. party or going out?
The everyday is very... common and mainstream, especially at home. As soon as she walks out the door though, she'll make an effort to dress, even if it involves the kids. Nowadays, she focuses on form and functionality rather than appearance in those circumstances, but it's always carefully picked nevertheless. 
I (of course) prefer when she's ready for going out or a party... it's always a pleasure and never dull.

5. What is the most flattering part of her body and how do you like here to enhance it?
That's a bit of a tricky question, but I'll try to answer honestly nevertheless. I absolutely love her face and her figure in general, but I have a preference for her arms (not to mention the rump).

6. What don't you like at all when she is wearing?
There is no general rule of what I don't like what she wears; it's just a feeling I get that it's "too much" or inappropriate or too weird of a mix for my taste.

7. Which is your favourite: dress, bag, shoes, coat in Stina's closet?
My favourite dress must be the Diane von Furstenberg leopard dress that she wore in the sicilian salinas, although that one is really hard to pick. My favourite bag is the white Chanel with a string net around it that we got in West Palm Beach. My favourite shoes are probably her studded Louboutin's although I do love the Valentino's that I've offered her. My favourite coat... hmmm, haven't seen coats on lately! I would say her leather jacket: it brings out a "rough" touch that is unexpected.
(*I think he refers to this DVF dress but mix it up with this Greta leopard dress, that's the look he loved I remember from our Sicily trip.)

8. Does she listen to you when she gets dressed or buy something new?
Not when she gets dressed, but she will ask for advice when getting new things, ... sometimes ...;-)

9. How has her style/way of dressing changed since you meet and since she became a stay at home mother?
It has evolved to become more of a practical approach to styling: high heels with a pram are somewhat inappropriate and impractical. that doesn't mean that the effort is lacking though, quite on the contrary. But you have no idea how much she'll enjoy getting ready for our rare occasions out!

10. What would you like her to buy next time she is buying something? (Clothes, bag, shoes).
That's a very good question... I think we're slowly ripe for a bag, although those are probably the more complex items to choose. If I may be cheeky, I would say lingerie!

11. What would you like her to wear more often?
Now that's something I haven't though of before... I must say I don't have any special demands at the moment :-)


City errands with the kids

I had such a lovely day today with both of my kids. Some days are less nice and some are better, this was one of the nicer ones. I took them both into the city with our double decker pram and checked out the new autumn fashion and got a couple of clothes and shoes for Alexis, had ice cream and enjoyed. Found a pair of amazing suede boots for him and trainers, perfect for the upcoming kindergarden.

I wore this black'n white combo which is another easy going, yet fun and different style of dressing. The shoes are from South of France and so comfortable. The pants is one of my favourite not to mention the bag!

I asked my man to answer some of the comments and questions you guys have asked for about my style and he ended up answering 11 questions about how he sees my style and way of dressing. I found it soooo funny to read. Will publish it later!

Talk soon!

(pants: Isabel Marant, top: Equipment & bag: Chanel)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Practical style

Hi everyone! 
Hope you're doing fine in Europe, US, Australia, East or wherever you are located! We've had tropical heat in Stockholm the past weeks and I love heat and pure sun, but since its also been very humid we've had some nasty storms in the middle of it and very warm humid weather gets tiring after a while. One is never satisfied with the weather, right? All I wear and feel like wearing now is easy going things that is suitable for warm days and two energetic boys.
This one I wore the other day I loved. So casual, yet practical!
If I look tired you've spotted the correct feeling of me! Someone commented that I have very small eyes and wrote a whole essay of how small they were (i didn't publish it of course, it was too stupid) - I think it's the only time in my LIFE that I've heard someone saying my eyes are small. Normally I hear how big, dark blue eyes I have (i think they are just normal). It might be because I always get photographed in sunlight or daylight and that naturally makes me squeeze my eyes a little, or it's because I'm tired now-a-days or I have have no bloody idea. Who cares. Just thought it was a weird comment and I had problem relate to it.

(top: old Isabel Marant, shorts: Topshop, sandals: Hermés & bag: Chanel)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

stina's vintage store

So many amazing items up at Stina's Vintage Store! 
Brands like Burberry, fendi, Givenchy, byMalene Birger etc etc.

First comes first served. 

Stina's Vintage Store

Dear Readers,

A LOT of new things will be added later today in my store
Brands like Burberry, Claudia Schiffer, byMalene Birger, Equipment etc etc. 
Stay tuned!

Like always it's first come first served!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


During these years I've been a stay at home mother for my two little boys i've got tons of emails when I will start working, if I will work in Stockholm again, what skin products to use, questions of different treatments, Botox, injections, skin problems, facial sculpturing and you name it.
Even if I haven't been practically working, I've tried to answer the questions. One of the hardest one to give a proper answer to has been "when I will start working and where?

Now we bought a house in Sweden and eventually I knew that my urge and my creative/aesthetic side would like to get back into the work I initially loved. Interesting offers have occurred along the way and it was a long way to take a decision for my future work place - but after many hours of thinking, negotiating, thinking again - I'm more then happy to be joining AKADEMIKLINIKEN in mid September this year!

As it looks now, I will manly be at the clinic at Stureplan. I'm very satisfied with this position and decisions since AKADEMIKLINIKEN stand for one of the highest ranked top clinics in Europe and is the main player of this medical aesthetic field when it comes to research and professionalism.

It feels great and I can't wait to see many of you patients again and help you with whatever correction, wish for looking younger or adding, taking away or just improving your physical look, inner wellbeing and feeling in balance with who you are and what you look like.

I have also tested their skin product line for more then two month now and as a matter of fact I'm beyond happy with what they do. But another and longer post about that eventually.

I will get back later on how to be able to book an appointment or get help with whatever you need in medical and aesthetic improvements.

Click here to read more.

Stay tuned!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Red love

Many of you seem to have liked this new red lover I got recently; I'm madly in love and it works for my life as a mother just as chic city bag. I'm thinking of getting it in yet another colour but until I've decided - I've arranged a discount code for you if you want to buy it too.

Simply put: stinaauer10 when you pay and you'll get 10 percent discount. They send it out really fast all over the world. Love it!

(dress: Greta, here, ballets: Chanel & bag: Lempi, here)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cultural Sunday

My man hated what I wore today, I on the other hand, I completely loved it. It's this sort of combo that you either get or you don't. Guys will not, for sure - some women will, I don't care as long as it makes me feel the right feelings. However if we like it or not, It's God damn comfortable and that's my first priority right now.

Luckily though, I didn't spend this outfit on him, my man but on two art exhibitions in the city with a long lunch and a girlfriend. Felt very particular to be without a double seat stroller and a small child chaos, to actually be able to talk and look around in stores without ten thousand things happening at the same time. More of this please!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Swedish archipelago part II

Another day, another magical experience with the most perfect weather, landscape, horizon, sailing and boat life. Can't wait until we go out again in just a little amount of time. It's so liberating to breath this sea fresh air and I need it to clear my head and get that indulging sort of energy, one can only get from these true sources.