Saturday, November 22, 2014

WKND packing

Adios amigos!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Before Madrid

This combo I wore yesterday when leaving work to get back home. I seldom wear scarves or shawls, but when I do it needs to bring something extra to the style.
Tomorrow I'll be having dinner in Madrid at this time, so all I can say is talk soon and expect some nice pictures from Madrid! Follow me on Instagram: stina_auer if you want snapshots from the trip until I post the best ones here.

Hasta la Vista amigos!

(coat: MaxMara, leather pants: Missono, sweater: Zara, boots: Isabel Marant, bag: Chanel & cashmere shawl: Hemés)

SuléKó perfumes

This scent, ohh, this scent. Only sold in very small and exclusive perfumeries around the world and at a few art galleries and made from the knowledge of pure Russian traditions but in a modern parisian style.

Back in the days, the Russian perfumes where the most admiral ones and people came to East just to buy them and bring back to the socialite of Europe.
The parisian born woman Anastasia, is the brain and the nose behind a small collection of four perfumes influenced by the Russian mythology and the different seasons. They all come in bottles, perfectly handcrafted in porcelain and she designed them with an famous architect to reflect the light and enhance the power of the typical, Russian aromas - very precisely made to be as unique and addictive as one can assume.
They're made in and from Paris and when I for the first time tried them on, i immediately fell in love with the complex Baba Yaga which comes in an enchanting Eau de Parfume. I'ts strong, warm, mystic with glimpses from cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, bergamot, oriental mandarin, wood and dark leather which blends uncontrollably with the warm, sweet notes of patchouli. It's so complex and I've been wearing it with great pleasures since I got it. People stoop me on the street to find out what i'm wearing ...

Today, Friday the 20th of November she presents it at Insolita, an art gallery in Geneva, Bourg-de-Four 22, 1204, Genève at 6pm in the evening, please make sure to go by and get a personal guidance and feel the intriguing mysteries of the perfumes if you are close by!

If you are genuinely interested or would like to buy one, contact her through the email found here at the webpage.

Talk soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Little black jacket

So i'm leaving for Madrid (!!!) on Saturday for an incredible, very small and private education with a Spanish master in Medical Aesthetic. Of course I'm beyond excited even though there will be very little time to explore the city itself.
Anyhow, this little stunning black, tweeded jacket will have to follow since I love how rock-chic it is but also very appropriate for business and work. The material is bought from the same source as the Chanel jackets and I really love how perfect it fits most outfits and styles.

I'm wearing it with a over sized knitted sweater in black from IRO and leather pants from Missoni for a perfect look.

You can find it here among other beautiful jackets like this.

Talk soon!

Mid week style

Yesterday was a terrible day full of irritation but like with ups and downs, one has to be reminded from time to time that we all have to develop, change and work hard for things to work our way. Nothing can be taken for granted and if you snooze you loose.
The blog has been badly updated, apologises for that but with day light from 8am-3pm it's kind of hard as a working mother, to be able to take some nice pictures. And the grey tone of everyday weather in Sweden in November, ohh, thank you Lord Christmas is soon arriving so we get some nice cosiness in each corner of the country.

Bare with me and if you have any fun questions I can answer, maybe now's the time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Morris & Luca

A whole new set of the best quality brushes for applying makeup. Soft and luxurious, just how we like it on the skin - and of course I love the dark black styling.

You can find them here.

Monday, November 17, 2014


During this weekend it really got to me that we're hitting winter. The temperatures are humid, dark and cold with lots of dynamic in the air. These pictures were almost impossible to shoot since my tears was watering from the cruel wind.
The Saturday evening was spent like this and on Sunday we had the greatest of times with my parents taking the children to Tom Tit experiments and honestly, I don't know who was most fascinated, my man or my oldest son.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Organic makeup

I don't always buy organic but try as often as I can. That's why I was really eager to try RMS makeup which a lot of models and makeup artists apparently using since it's completely pure and no chemicals what so ever.
So on Friday I got a concealer which I will use under my eyes, a red-ish colour that is just an enhancement of the natural shade of the lips or on my cheeks, a black mascara, a bronzer for those pale days and finally, the best shade of eye shadow. Normally I wear Chanel's cream eye shadow, but this one is almost the same greyish and probably much better ingredients for the skin so I'll give it a go.

Read about what they contain exactly here. I got mine from Corinne & Friends in Stockholm who is one of the first Swedish retailers.

During the weekends

We try to do something fun and exciting every Saturday and Sunday. Actually we should try to sneak away only M and me, really we need to get better at this, but the children are just so addictive at the moment it's hard to get away from them. It's still a little chaotic when we're out and about, but I have to say it's getting better. Alexis is just a pure pleasure and fun to bring but the little one is now a handful.
Yesterday we arrived to this little castle for a afternoon tea. Twenty minutes later it was dark outside since Scandinavia is completely black at 2.50PM during half a year or so.
It's sometimes frustrating, one has to adapt to it and make the best out of it which means a lot of cosy light and candles inside.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday 7.58AM

I don't know how I look on these pictures today, but keep in mind that I'm half awake and that it's very early morning before leaving for work. I do adore the fifty shades of grey/beige and since I haven't worn the Isabel Marant boots for a week or two, I thought they should join me on todays everyday adventures.

Today was also the first day on my new schedule, from now on I'm working until 5PM every Thursday dear patients. Only for you, only for you ...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Autumn grey

I'd almost forgot I owned this classic great coat and now I worn it three days in a row just because it's so stunning!
On these pictures you can also quite well see how the volume in my lower face is back even more from my two injections. I completely love it and recommend this treatment to almost all of my patients, especially tired mothers like myself! Restylane Vital is truly amazing and a pleasure for me to give to my patients!

(coat: Samsoe&Samsoe, here, pants: 2ND Day, here, boots: Acne & bag: Celiné)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Family time

I just love spending time the whole family together. We can't do even half of the things as we would like of course due to the fact that Leon is still so small. But it gets to me more and more how the whole world will open up again, perhaps next year, when both kids starts to get older. Alexis is a joy to bring to all forms of pleasures now and I actually long for the day when Leon is in the same age and we have two small boys to explore life with.

(coat: MaxMara, sweater: Zara, jeans: Superjeans of Sweden, boots: Acne & bag: Balenciaga . my man is wearing: coat: Dior, sweater & shawl: Lindex for men, shoes: Weston)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Restylane Vital

So I've told you before that the most visible aging signs in my face (or just signs of motherhood in general and going through two pregnancies) is the loss of volume in my lower face and the cheek lines I started to get when laughing. They develops from small laugh lines on the side of the mouth up to the cheek (here you can clearly see them and they look worse when laughing) and I don't like them. Most importantly, I don't want them to increase, yet. So last Wednesday I decided to do something about them and injected 1ml of Vital on each side.
Restylane Vital is an amazing form of Hyaluronic acid, it's the most liquid one, almost like a thick amount of water and gives incredible results on early signs of aging, lines or just where the elasticity is lacking and where the skin lost volume.

The day after I was swollen and it looked like I've gained weight in my face and it lasted but improved day by day for three days. Today, Monday I look perfect and actually I recognize my faceagain, it looks much more like it did three years back. I love it. Completely natural and If you look at the last two outfit posts (which are taken after the treatment) you could never see a difference, except when you have a close up on my face and skin which both looks so much fresher! Just what I wanted!

Restylane Vital is something you do in a course of three treatments with approximately six weeks between and I'll do my second one just before Christmas.

(The pictures above shows me with anesthetic cream and the close up is directly after. The lines close to  the mouth (on the side) are completely gone!)

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Perfect Sunday style.

(coat: Marc Jacobs, shirt: Zara, jeans: Flare, shoes: Isabel Marant & bag: Louis Vuitton)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Grand Hotel Stockholm

My man just got back home (from Geneva this time), and we all got sick when he was away (it's so frustrating, tiring and typical, thank you lord for our angel nanny) and even though non of us are perfectly alright yet, we needed to do something today not to go completely insane at home. So we took the cars to Skeppsholmen in the chilly and humid afternoon and warmed ourself at Grand Hotel with some hot chocolate and high tea. Very, very cosy and everyone came along! My oldest were beyond cute and behaved absolutely perfect. So proud of my beautiful family!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Style interview

Morning glory at 8.05am

The weather is quite rainy and grey as we speak in Stockholm, but even so, last morning when driving to work in my little Fiat500, the sun opened up in the sky and with loud music in my speakers (only the best ones from 80-90's), who could feel anything else then joy? Driving really release so much freedom feelings and flow, my mind works so independent when driving - i love it!

(coat: MaxMara, sweater: Lindex, leather pants: Missoni, bag: Céline & boots: Acne)