Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Best of days

I I honestly don't think I need to describe the energy level and the happiness this day when Stockholm showed itself at best and the sea was more pretty then in a long time. All four kids were just as perfect as small children can be and we had lunch and longed for ice creams, walking in the pure sun and tried to show how wonderful Stockholm can be a day like this. The dynamics of the children, the toddlers being so small, yet so huge personalities, the little hand in mine, friends, love, my super-man and me, little Leon and the gorgeous new baby boy G. Ohh life feels so full of everything I love and adore when universe blesses me with so much real substance ... i slept like a baby warmly kissed by its mother that night. Can't me more blessed and thankful!

Thank you Dear D and children for coming! See you in Zürich and Megeve!

WE let our guest borrow our extraordinary good sibling pram from STOKKE and put on the cot for babies again that I used for Leon.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Instructions ...

... on how to put on a Burberry trench. 

My handsome and fun (he always try to make me burst when taking these sort of photos) snapped these today when leaving ... I love him, what else can you do?

(coat: Burberry & snake espadrilles: Samsoe&Samsoe here)

Sunday Lunch

A somewhat chaotic lunch at the classic Sturehof with all four children (the smallest slept in the pram, thank you for that). Lovely food, dirty table ... lunch with children. I sometimes shake my head wondering what we're doing there, but in the same way it's so dynamic and fun and the kids needs to learn how to behave at a restaurant. A Sunday for lunch is a excellent opportunity to do so, plus very cosy!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

In the best of company

What a perfect day. So cosy to get together again with M's oldest girl friend and her children visiting from Switzerland, people we loved hanging with in Zürich. Little Clelia has just the best of personalities, outgoing, talkative, fun and very, very French. Alexis and her plays so nicely together, it almost feels like romance in the air.
If you follow me on Instagram (stina_auer) you saw this adrobale video of them two today, cruising the streets of Stockholm.

I have so many beautiufl pictures from today which felt just like a soul nurturing day for sure.

Talk soon!


Another day another way of dressing. I'm completely into blazers and hair combed plane to my head as you might have realised. I want to get it slightly darker and my Dear friend aka stylist is on a trip until next week, bare with my cm ...

I truly love simplicity in dressing, when things just works, easily without looking too much or to worked out. When you just ARE what you wear instead of becoming what you have on.
This kind of style is me and it works in my life as a mother even when I want to dress up a little. The length of the heels are just so comfy, I can easily run around trying to fetch Leon who sneaked out in only socks and a completely full diaper and trashy home clothes he probably picked himself. The jeans are easy going and makes it less dressed up which suits the occasion. You get the picture.

In the middle of all this mess and chaos there's so much love to be found, it's almost ridiculous how much I love my little family. Even when I want to throw them out of the house, I love them to the bone and my life is a LIFE when I feel the presence of these amazing little boys and my man (who got back yesterday after another week gone, Salut to that!)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dinner wear

Oh don't you feel like summer when you see these pictures? One can almost believe it is - but no - it was just today, in the warm sun , waiting for our Swiss guests. I had such a craving wearing this gorgeous silk dress (my favourite Greta model) with the pink suede heels that nothing could have stopped me. Now I need to take care of our friends and prepare some amazing Swedish delicacies.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

Talk soon!

(blazer: Victor & Rolf, dress: Greta (new), heels: J.Crew & bag: Louis Vuitton)

St.Tropez - brown without sun

So I'm a big fan of BUS (brown without sun). The less time we spend i the sun the better, but still I love golden legs and a nice tan.
During summer I wear 30-50spf in my face, arms and decollate and 15 on my legs. Unfortunately I'm quite pale during the rest season which means I use these sort of products as soon as I am bare legs. Like this weekend, we're having a dear family from Switzerland over, a child hood friend of my man and I wanted to wear my new Greta silk dress which needed some extra to come out right.

I do find that the brand St. Tropez is the absolute best and they have four products which makes the result absolutely flawless. The day before you peel with their special peeling, the day after you use the mousse shown on the picture (1h, 2h or 3h) (one special for the face) and then shower. After you use a special cream to keep the colour and it also works as an enhancer whenever you need since this BUS stays about 10-12 days.

Highly recommend it and it doesn't really give that horrible odour that many other brands does.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Silk Eye Lashes

I went and got new silk eyelashes again by the talented Magda (@magdis84) again the other day. My last ones lasted about six weeks and that seems to be really good. Once again I took the absolute shortest she has to offer for a serious and natural look but before summer I will give them some more length. I'm so happy with them and I know so many now who took my advice and booked themselves in and they are beyond happy.

She is so precise and does everything in a excellent way, happy to recommend her. She still takes 650SEK for a new set which is half the price of the original pice, so book yourself in now!

Click HERE for online booking or call +46 70 - 462 49 91

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sleeping over

I had my super fun, easy going girlfriend Becca hanging the whole evening, dinner, staying up laughing and sleepping over with a cosy breakfast in the morning and then we hit the city together like two puberty teenagers who never stopes talking. So lovely. Really miss this crazy woman. Alexis completely fell in love and he already asked where The long girl (long??!!) went today when I got back from work.
The best thing ever was that she though the kids (Alexis, Leon is too small) is sooo well behaved. Phu, I guess I grew one inch from that compliment. Hard and constant work seems to pay off.

Talk soon!

(my lovely coat from Rodebjer, with the seam outside this time, love it! find it HERE)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunday brunch

Beautiful girls, inside'n out!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bestie celebration

This day started just like yesterday, grey and rainy but turned out to be sunny but windy. Even so I dressed up a bit since one of my soul besties celebrated her birthday with a girl-only-kind-of-lunch on Riche in Stockholm. A place I mostly don't like in the evenings but love during days. It felt so liberating to be able to have time to talk with these wonderful girls and like always, when you have small children, discuss relationships, your inner mood, motherhood, plas for the future and kids.
After, we went home to another favourite place, my parents who provided us with amazing food like always and just such cosy, warm and present love.

By the way, so happy to hear you all so alive and talkative again here, it's really much more fun and I appreciate all your presence and comment, it's the fuel to this!

(leather skirt: HERE, blazer: Lindex, socks: Pierre Robert)

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Just a family collection (probably mostly for our family and friends abroad, you readers probably find these family moments dull?). Anyhow Skansen is not at all so exotic and fascinating as I would wish for, but for a little child it's heaven.
It's so calming to realise that these two monkeys actually are getting easier and easier to handle. The last soon two years have been VERY tough. Alexis has been so jealous of Leon and Leon is a bulldozer and learned how to hit back before he could walk. Fights constantly. Not easy in other words. I doubted getting them so close MANY times and many of my friends honestly wondered how I survived it all, often having them by myself and Alexis not attending kindergarden at the time (yes, I have a nanny, but she helps more with the house then with the kids) and I had them for one and a half year without a nanny. My man is travelling even more and it's a lot when also adding work it the equation.
Anyhow, point is that life is easier and I'm starting to realise all the benefits we're going to have with them playing together and entertaining one another. Like today, after they had their lunch at the restaurant, I could honestly let them both out and Alexis knows that he has to have an eye on his little energetic and stubborn brother and since Leon adores Alexis, he follows him wherever and copying everything he's up to. How cool? VERY! Of course we had an eye on them constantly but it will soon be even better.

We celebrated with ice creams in the sun!

(coat: Chanel, cashmere cardigan: my mothers, shirt: Equipment, pants: Gina Tricot, snake espadrilles: HERE & bag: Chanel)


A lovely day starting very early like always with my small boys. After we went and checked out a French Saturday school for Alexis that he will hopefully start attending after summer break, we spent five hours admiring all the nordic animals at Skansen.
It was hard to believe that this grey morning would end in complete sunshine, but it did and we are so happy for it. Actually we had a delighted spring lunch out on the terrace at Solliden, one of my Swiss mans favourite summer spots in Stockholm. But I am absolutely exhausted today. So much fresh air, my body is not use to it ...

Friday, April 10, 2015

I wish I was your lover ...

What an absolutely amazing and warm spring day we've had. I think it's the first time I'm not cold getting home from work and it literally gives me butterflies inside imagine that the real spring and summer is on its way. Not to forget the late dinner evenings on the terrace with a barbecue still burning slowly and the sky insanely on fire behind the roof tops. Quite a sight, I remember last summer like it was yesterday.

Listening to this song tonight over and over again ...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Improvements - before summer

So spring and summer is just around the corner and we all want to look our absolute best for this lovely season, right?! Actually, the less we have to focus on our appearance, the better during this period.
I need to start with a more strict exercise regime and not eat all those yummy things in the evenings, that's for sure. Age and a slightly slower metabolism is getting to me also and instead of skipping out a meal or taking out carbs or others ingredients necessary for the body, i'd rather try to eat less of chips, chocolate and salt licorice, all of them a weakness of mine.
Funny enough that sort of craving always takes its turn during late evening, when watching a movie. I seldom want to eat anything like it during day. It has to do with the cosy factor I guess, when the kids are put to bed and we/I finally have two hours for myself, I love watching a good movie and eat something to it while doing so. But I also want to be strong and fit, and since my time and possibilities for training are very little, I guess I eat more then I consume. Anyhow, not a big thing but I feel that I need to be more aware!

So what else can I do to guide you readers through this jungle of improvements or let's call them, retouches?'

BOTOX - Well you all know I truly love Botox and what it does in your forehead on me and all my patients. No one wants to look angry and most of us really don't look nice with horisontal lines all across the skin up there. It makes us look stressed, hard, worried and older.
Some times back most people thought that you could only do Botox in one way, which was to inject the amount to the extend were the forehead got completely stiff. Now I hope most of you know that the possibilities are beyond that, you can still have a mimic if you prefer and I swear I can make you look super natural and no one could even see that you 've done anything to your face. What you do look like is five years younger, fresh and relaxed in your face plus the skin is just glowing when the muscles are not there to constantly to destroy the surface. I highly recommend it.

RESTYLANE VITAL - For all of you (mostly between 30-50 years old, you can not have to much gravity weight in your face) feeling grey and that the elasticity in the skin is lacking, or feel like you've are disturbed my small linjes or just wish the whole face had a some more, very natural plumping - Restylane Vital or skin boost as it's also called is truly something for you. I've done 2ml Restylane Vital per side of my chin and it's the best thing ever. After my two boys I looked too skinny and too "sucked out after breast-feeding" and the Vital gave my my youth and freshness back. All the cells under the skin loves it', it's like injecting all the good and beneficial ingredients but under the skin, where they actually can make a difference for real, a visible difference!

MEDICAL SKIN PRODUCTS - The truth is - no medical products, no visible improvements on your skin. The skin is our biggest and most visible organ and it needs some help to look gorgeous, glowing and fresh throughout the years. Medical products contains stronger and more active ingredients that makes noticeable differences in your face. Less pores, less breakouts, less greyness, less tired looking and pale looking. I use Akademiklinikens own line which is strong but working amazingly good. Another good brand is Jan Marini and I tend to combine the best of these two brands for the optimal result.
Another way of getting a fast result is doing a chemical peel. In combination with products this is of course very effective but I always find what you do on a regular basis, like using stronger medical products everyday is the first priority.

I use daily:
  • Jan Marini Glycolic cleanser
  • Akademikliniken Recovery cream (which is just amazing and a must after stronger acids)
  • Akademikliniken Repair Serum every second night
  • Akademikliniken Active Serum every second night
  • Akademikliniken Lift Serum from time to time when I am extra dry (not necessary for everyone though)
  • Akademikliniken's slightly tinted C-vitamin cream with 15spf which I don't leave the home without. Only problem is, you'll get completely addicted.
  • Akademiklinikens Maximal Sense spf50, an absolute must in the face and decollate. Yes, you will have a slower tan, but in the end you will have less wrinkles and less pigments spot. It doesn't give you pimps or breakouts and is a must in the sun. When you tan with a high spf, the tan actually last longer.

MID FACE VOLUME - I haven't done it on myself (yet) but this extraordinary treatment of injecting volume to the mid face (think cheekbones and the surface just under your eyes next to your nose) is where most women after 32 years old gets flat. They don't understand it and comes to me and say "i look so tired and doll, I don't recognize myself". And they leave with something called Voluma which is a slightly thicker molecular structure of the Hyalruronic acid which lifts and give that soft and lovely looking femininity and healthy look back. Everyone LOVES it and mostly they come back and say they didn't even know that one could do this.
The volume in the mid part of the face minimizes and decreases after 30th something and after children for sure. Often the volume ends up in the lower part of the face, which absolutely is where it does us no good. The lift and change the volume back to where it belongs, just open the whole look of the face and the goal is to look like a much better version of yourself. No one can tell that you've done anything, yet you look so much better and it's a true pleasure to have my patients back and see how they glow and looks so extraoridnary good again.
2-3ml is necessary to get the gravity less visible in the lines from your nose to the mouth and to get that soft and nice look again in your face. See more pictures the link below.

TEAR TROUGH - That clear shadow line, very often dark under your eyes gives a very tired, old and sad look to a face and it takes so little effort to have them gone! It can occur when you are 25 years old or 45 years (after that age, almost all women and men have them), no matter what it's so easy to take them away and to give a more natural looking impression.
Look at your face and try to picture that the area under your yes is flat, moist, fresh and without any dark shade or lack of tissue, it makes ALL the difference and it's also what eye concealer is trying to get, but even with the best of brand, you can disguise loss of tissue. It's just impossible.

Most patients that end up doing this Tear Trough treatment (see pictures and read more about it, here), always comes back three weeks later and say "my God, why haven't I done this before, my life has litterally changed from going to constant dark, tired and almost sick look to stunning and healthy". Which makes me super happy of course because we all deserve to look our absolute best we can!

LIPS - Nothing lifts positivism to a face like a little but of enhancement on the lips. When patients comes with a minimal and limited budget, I often recommend this treatment since it suits most of us women, to have a little more energy in our lips. Small, bigger, fuller, wider, less "smoke lines" - I do them all and they really make your face looks o much nicer. Try it once and you'll understand what I mean. I hate duck lips or too made lips, but a natural and beautiful improvements of the mouth is worth so much more. I truly think life gets a little bit more fun with more sensual lips, and you'll see that the eyes gets bigger, the nose smaller and the cheek bones more visible. It''s true.

PERMANENT  MAKEUP - Honestly, who doesn't want to wake up and looking wonderful in the morning? Well i know I do, being a pale blond very little colors in myself I was tired of constantly coloring my eyebrows every second week and since I don't leave the house without some makeup on my lips, I decided to make a permanent solution.
Jenny Hanzon, the talented permanent makeup artist at Akademikliniken have now done two layers and two different times on my eyebrows and lips (you only pay for one time, the second part is included in the price). The eyebrows are done in 3D which means that she paints hair so that it looks very natural.
There's also another technic for the eyebrows where thou use a scalpel, the first results is very nice but it hardly last which made me go for the real permanent makeup tattooing technique in the end. The lips she enhanced in the color I normally paint them. The first lawyer you could hardly see after one week so the second tattooing we made them darker. The only problem with making the lips coloured is that the crust is so dark for a week you have to go around like a reality star from New Jersey who obviously doesn't know how to apply natural makeup. But nothing bad that doesn't give good results in the end! The picture above shows me wearing NO makeup, (except the Akademiklinikens C-vitamin cream) in the face. It's taken one day after the permeant makeup and I still have some crust on the lips and eyebrows. Can't wait for this summer, no makeup and still looking pretty! Very lovely indeed.

EYELASHES - Magda (Instagram - Magdis84) is just the best and she does these super natural lashes in silk which I can hardly live without now. I wanted the shortest version she had, and they just look like mine, when I paint them with mascara but fuller. Perfect for a life with small children and a hectic everyday. Still today, after 4 weeks they look very good and I haven't used mascara since she did them one week before I went to Morocco.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope I given you some tips and inspiration of improvements.

My Swedish followers, please find all necessary information under the web page I created for you all.

I'd be happy to help you and consult you with whatever problem you have with your skin, face, special area, wrinkles, sageness, gravitation problems etc. We have one life and since researches has truly shown that we feel better when we look like the absolute best ourselves, I see it as a great opportunity to take care of myself and improve or prevent whatever necessary in a natural, fresh and lovely looking way.

Email me any questions at stina.auer@ak.se
Make online bookings HERE.

Phone numbers to all clinics:

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Talk soon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Podd - Ytligheter

If you're Swedish and want to hear me and a skin therapist colleague talk about ageing, injections, skin and other interesting subjects for 41min, please download Podd nr 2, called Ytligheter on iTunes and listen and enjoy a nice and warm chat.

Find it here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


From a time back this is the only washing product I'm using at home and for the children's clothes and bedlinen. It's not only gorgeous for the eye but also environmentally friendly and good for all of us.