Friday, April 29, 2016

Be generous


This was one of my favorite styles on our trip, fresh, comfortable and I don't know how many kind compliments I received on the streets by women and men which I always find is so kind and cute. That someone takes the time and give.
Myself, always try to enhance someone who I see made an effort, it's such an easy gesture and the person will most probably be overwhelmed by gratitude. We should always give to others when we can. During years passing I've learned how to say "Thank you" rather then" No, really" and so on.

For me, there's nothing as inspiring as men and women out there putting some extra effort in the way they are as human and the way they dress. It's like the rainbow in my everyday life where most people are dressed with very little thought to it.
(sweater: Chloé, vest: Zara, pants: Stella McCartney, bag: Louis Vuitton & new flats: Nicholas Kirkwood)



Thursday, April 28, 2016

Evening out

So every night we had a restaurant reserved, sometimes with M's friends, sometimes just him and me. One thing the Americans are good at, is cooking. No matter where we went, the food was AMAZING! Smallest little breakfast to high end or normal "around the corner" lunch - it was always so nom-nom and great. I can truly say we eat ourselves around NYC.

From 7am

Another beautiful day, we really had the weather Gods when visiting, sun almost everyday and warm but not too much. We went to a really interesting art performance one of the evenings which I highly recommend, completely original and except the unexpected for sure. Women dancing and fighting above you in water, flying screaming women that flows around in crisp, shiny paper impossible to describe but fascinating and very artistic. We also went to MoMa of course, my man could have spent hours in there but I can not when there's real life outside to take in and explore.

Everyday we had a walk in Central Park, I would say it's a must to just get some balance from the huzz and buzz and they also offer some wonderful restaurants in there.  Perfect for lunch or a cocktail.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Add personality


So one thing I had in mind when packing for this New York trip was: be yourself, be feminine, use colours, different vibrant looks and since I know my man loves when I do so, it was fun and different to pack this time. I embraced my style completely and even so it was not really that easy since I knew most of the days wear needed to be fitted to flats and sometimes my black leather sneakers. I find it utterly more easy to combine styles when you add 7-10cm of heels, don't you think?

I'm also still very fond of my brown hair and love the even darker roots my hairdresser added a week before going. All my clothes has come to live again which is great for someone like me who needs constant flow of new and fresh.

39th floor


We stayed in Soho, my favorite area in combo with West village I just realised just because everything feels international, young, neat, chic, vivid, alive, high fashion and original - plus, the small lovely breakfast places and small wonderful restaurants are many of them located there. They have Chanel around the corner and many smaller designer stores with really different things, like the yellow fox fur waist bag I bought in a small designer store, apparently some collaboration with a designer from Fendi, how cool?
The Hotel, Trumps Soho is suppose to be a luxurious choice, and yes the service was excellent and the 39th floor with the view and suite made it worth it but else it was so so. Not even the WiFi was included ... Things like that can really make me irritated. But waking up to the sun and Manhattan burning like fire, it made it all worth it. Quite exceptional I must say.

I will not pretend that I'm an expert of NYC, but my man is and he knows many of the places where the hidden pearls is to be found. Very suitable I must say. Else I'm of course fond of Upper East, but not further away then Lexington Street. We went to some lunch places close to Park Avenue and a smaller street going to Central Park, and my lord. These Upper East older ladies, impeccable dressed, fixed with jewelry/hair and makeup for lunch with gems big as grapes. Over the top, too much surgery in their face, but even so, ultra elegant and so very fascinating!  Mega expensive lunch places but oh so worth it just to get a glimpse into the hardcore world of perfection up there where everything is about who you are married to, how close to central Park you live, which private school your children goes to and where in Aspen or Hamptons you'll spend your winter and summer.

Talk soon!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Arriving peacefully


We very seldom travel in other versions then economy since mostly we visit places in Europe, but for longer distances it really makes a huge difference so this time we had the best way of traveling and boy what a perfect flight! Ultra luxury on board, comfortable bed, latest technology and just service that was on top in combination with great selection of gourmet food and beverage. This picture was taken just when we arrived, checking in to our Hotel in Soho and taking a visit around. Let me just say I would NOT have been this fresh would it been a normal flight ... Very grateful for that!

New York


Expect some pictures coming up. 
Just had almost a full week in this vibrant city that for sure never sleep. 

Hope you all are well and happy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Swedish country side


The weekend that just passed was so full of things one could easily feel like it was a roller coster of pleasure.
I was in fact out with some girl friends on Friday evening, you know, dressing up, fixing the hair, wondering why I never have anything to wear while standing in a over full closet, talking about fun things and giggling all night through. Obviously I had to pay the price on Saturday morning since I'm not 22 years old any more and have small children but with some medicament as support I was able to pull of a Pilates Barre class (here) while Alexis was doing his French class and after we played in our garden until it was time to go to some lovely friends of ours from London that we meet in Alexis school, just some minutes away from us with a car.
It was as I assumed, a evening in great company and they are just like our favorite type: easy going, fun and with a broad life full of different countries, memories and fascinating life stories. We had to force ourselves by midnight to go home not to be too tired the day after on Sunday since we had planned to meet up my God daughter and her family and some others for hot dog at their country house. So we drove all the way there on Sunday by lunch and had a great day of nature, fresh air and pleasure.

How cosy! This weekend will be pretty much as intensive with a lot of fun things coming up!

Talk soon!



So yes, were heading away again next week, just my man and me, to New York of all amazing cities and I just can't wait. I truly think it will be amazing and since my man has sort of lived there a part of his young life, It will be even more dynamic, feeling like a New Yorker for almost a week. At the time New York is warm and perfect weather (if anyone is there right now, keep me posted on the weather please). We stay at a wonderful hotel, have some reservations to nice restaurants and will above that just have fun!

When it comes to packing I need to be organized to travel rather light. My dear parents in law are coming to us in a few days and we have dinner this weekend so I need to do the packing now.  I'm thinking flirty, feminine and eclectic since it's just him and me. Practical and comfy shoes always destroys part of the fun during daytime since we'll probably walk a lot, but I've learned by my mistakes.

Have a lovely day so far!

Friday, April 8, 2016


Dear stylish and lovely followers, 

I hope you follow me and take part of the very vivid life on Instagram! I've even started to do very small, unpretentious 'style videos' there which is fun and gives a better interaction if you ask me. They take two minutes to make but surely brings something extra which I hope you enjoy!

See you here and there!

Instagram: stina_auer

If you don't have Instagram you can still see them online HERE! 

Do you like them? Let me know!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A cloudy day


I know, i know ... this blog, such a sorrow at the moment and I want to make it better and upload more but where is the time? Writing a blog like before was my "pleasant job" and now I'm back to working in reality with my patients AND taking care of my children and family after. I don't earn money on this blog and have always decided not too and even so, treating it like a daily magazine and offered beautiful pictures of, hopefully, inspiration and quality. But it's much harder now, dealing with so much at the same time. I wish I was traveling constantly, then this blog would be filled with automatic flow of that!

All I wait for now is spring to REALLY arrive. I ave a feeling all inspiration woild blossom when there is sun, light and colours around me again.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Playing in the park


Going to the park, I was wearing all black, non sensitive garments. Which turned out to be a excellent choice since I had to carry little Leon all the way back full of mud and sand. At the moment I just feel ugly and grey, but maybe it's just THAT time of month or maybe I just need to go to my hairdresser again to get some life back to the hair.

Have a lovely and cosy evening.