Sunday, October 4, 2015

For J

One of our dear friends J, (beautiful short hair and an amazing editorial stylist) have had quite some year. She is an incredible strong woman and we all admire her so much. We celebrated her birthday yesterday evening at the new restaurant Carousel. They have the same owner as Vassa Eggen and the food was good but still over priced like most places tend to be in Stockholm now-a-days. I mean, we're not London nor New York and 400SEK (40Euro) for a main is always crazy in my eyes and then the restaurant truly need to be top notch all, something most restaurant fail to live up to. Even so it was a nice ambience and perfectly alright food made with effort and most importably, great company!

I look super tipsy but haven't had alcohol for quite some time since I've had a lot of migraine lately ...


Just like most Saturday's, my man and Alexis went to french classes while the youngest and me runned some errands in the city. I wore these new super fierce trousers from Stella McCartney (the store in stockholm has the best staff ever) that i just fell madly in love with and then we went directly to hang with our friends!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Part of Zürichlife

Good reasons to miss our life in Zürich, my best friend in Zürich which is now expecting her second one is here visiting in Sweden with her husband and their daughter and it's lovely to catch up and hang. She will actually join us in London next weekend so I'm thrilled! Such a lovely family and I wish we could see each other more often!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


How's life Stina?
- Life's pretty good. I try to remind myself how blessed I am even though we all struggle with "this or that", I really have so much to be humble for and I try to make myself aware of that every single day. My family is pretty much all that I really need and my boys are my constant crush and source of happiness and being in the present. 
Fall is my favorite time of year and I try to enjoy it both by being outside playing football with my small Zlatan's, but also to light candles in the evening and indulge in the cosiness.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
- This! Can't get enough of the sound!

What do you long for?
- London! Shopping, cocktails with girlfriends and slow mornings with my girls in a hotel bed! To have time to exercise again etc etc ...

How's the school going for Alexis? 
- Amazingly good. I'm so proud of him and want to scream out to the would that he is my son! I love who he is and that he really is a very strong personality and he is extremely social and shyness do not exist in his vocabulary. With that said he has a lot of integrity and is sensitive, a side I adore. He treats me like a queen, really. I owe that to their father.

It really hit me how under-stimulated kindergarden was for him and how much he loves to learn. My mother in law pushed for this school just as my man, and they both where right. It was just what he needed.

What stage is Leon in right now?
- My beautiful and chubby little friend goes in and out of different phases. Some weeks he is just a bundle of joy, laughing, cuddly and just so pleasant to have around, whereas other weeks he cries, is very angry for nothing, has tantrums and goes around like the dwarf in Snow white, Grumpy.

I've cut his hair by myself two times already. I feel he is so cute with his shorter hairstyle. With that said, Alexis hair has never been cut at all. It's free and wild, just like his persona.

How's life as a mother in general in the age the boys are in?
- We've gone through some really hard years with two very small children who both needed me endlessly and fought a lot. Now Alexis is so mature and his balanced and fun being is creating a new and much better relationship to his brother. They still fight a lot, but before I almost thought something was wrong.
So point is that life as a mother 85 percent of the time is just a blessing and I love being with them. I do understand why a lot of mothers do not work though since working and taking care of a whole family is almost impossible without getting insane. Alexis has home work everyday and activities two times per week and that take logistic and planning even to another level. But when I see the progress this school is making on him, I just feel gratitude and constantly impressed by his knowledge and easy learning head.

Next buy?
- The Mini UGG's för indoor (already my feet's are like ice), new wool sweaters in a over size look, maybe a new bag and a WARM winter jacket.

How does a normal day look like?
- If I'm by myself that week it's - up at 6.45am, making healthy smoothie for my boys, taking mr: Tiger out. Waking the boys up (if they are not already up), packing Alexis snack box and preparing his school bags, dressing Leon and then making sure Alexis dresses himself. Taking a shower (with the boys all around), putting make up on and getting dressed (still with my entourage of course) ... Eating some breakfast while doing plenty small things in the kitchen and brushing the boys teeth then getting us all dressed in preferably weather suitable wear and the getting us all into the car and first dropping off Leon then driving to Alexis school and dropping him off before I go and park my car and take the subway to work.
I pick Alexis up by 15.30 and then directly Leon, often we're out in the garden for some time then cooking and all of the things we need to do in the late afternoon. when Leon is in bed at 7.30pm I do Alexis home work with him and then we snuggle in front of the TV until bedtime. At the house is quite and I'm so tired but often have a lot to to!

If you could dream a little?
-My man would surprise me with a weekend to some romantic yet fun place and just have fun together! AND, all of our renovations are done (will take another three-four month I assume).

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Off to work

Autumn is really my all time favourite season and in a week or so I'm off to London with some girl friends for pure pleasure. Honestly, can't wait!
But back to style and clothes thoughts, I love when I can wear just a knitted sweater with a fur vest like this. How easy chic is it?

(red fox fur: Custom made, sweater: IRO, pants: old, boots: Acne & bag: Cèline)

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Saturday we had some good friends of ours who had a cocktail gathering at their amazing and new apartment. Talk about masculine and well thought through interior. Now I want a black marble kitchen and black walls ... Anyhow, this is what I wore.
Sweden is getting darker and darker so an evening outfit is impossible to capture without using a flash, something I would really not use otherwise.

(coat: Saga furs collaboration with MB, shirt: Tom Ford, skirt: Luella, shoes and bracelet: Monsters form Fendi & bag: Céline)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

My boys

We tried to capture just a normal day in the city, picking up Alexis after French classes. He was very tired and hungry, as you might see on the photos but even so, he is magically beautiful. Both are. Just such amazing little boys and am feeling so so blessed to raise just these two boys. I can so see the benefits of these very struggles-am years as it is with two very small ones so closely. But they play more and more together and I think it will be marvellous in a year or two! Always a friend around to play and to tricks with! Fund, well behaved (mostly), kind and just so much fun to be around. Thank you Universe for giving them to me!

Pyjamas and charity day

Yesterday was Pyjamas and Chairty day at Alexis' school which means we all gathered money for those in more need of it, plus the children went to school in their pyjamas. It was so fun in the end of the day and really, what an amazing school this is!

In the evening my parents came over with Swedish Signal kräftor (crayfish) and it was an absolutely super cosy beginning of the weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just what I needed

When life feels heavy and my Dear friend mr A moves back from London and is just the best friend to my small boys and plays with them endlessly and just is such a great role model - well, it feels warm and meaningful!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I don't know what it is, pms must be knocking on my door step, but I'm not at all in good mood. Irritated, negative and just feel it is too much all over in my life right now. Hopefully better in a couple of days. Back with a preferably more positive Stina.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

For the soul

The bad news turned out to not be so bad after all and we've actually have had such a cosy family weekend. It's good to be reminded what you have sometimes in life.

Today we went out to a farm with the children, eat waffles with cream and jam, the kids ride horses, we walked in the forest for a long time and snuggled in the tv-room in the end. Just my kind of Sunday with autumn just knocking at the door step, yet warm and amazingly pretty outside!

(sweater: old from Zara, jeans: Superjeans of Sweden, shoes: Isabel Marant)


Me yesterday evening attending a lovely cray fish party (on instagram stina_auer you can see our amazing hats)! I was actually not in mood since I found out some sad news during the day, but tried to put on my happy face anyhow since I really love the people hosting.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Busy week

This week has really been crazy with logistic, running home to pick up both boys from different places, finding a babysitter who can work from time to time until we find one good to live with us at home again. Except working I've also been holding in this Ediucational evening just for men (which I was actually a bit nervous to do) and, you know, just family life in general which works fine when you are two (or even with two many often struggle) but when you are by yourself it's you and yourself. A huge salute and humbleness to all alone mothers or fathers out there!

Since it rained this morning I decided to wear this super cool cap from Stella McCartney from last year and matched it with a coat in the same shades!

Have great Friday evening!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sunday wind

Even though both children turned out to get quite sick this weekend I must say it was so nice. M's parents where here, helping in the garden and in the house, not to mention cooking. It's always cosy for the kids to have grandparents over. We also went to my fathers birthday party and I had a friend over from London.

Big renovations are coming up in the house again, we had to take a break for some month but now we're soon on it again starting with the master bathroom and three extra rooms on the lower floor, plus making the TV-room top notch yet cosy and planned well for small kids around (dirty small hands and messy popcorn and chocolate stains ....) .
The older I get, the more I realise I actually love interior design and creating atmospheres and rooms, while my man takes care of the architectural planning and constructions. I always loved to have a nice home, but this hobby goes deeper now when I have a whole house to change, decorate and think out of the box with. My biggest problem might be that I get bored easily and love change, plus I have no patience at all so when I feel like a environment feels wrong all of the sudden, it needs to change, preferable yesterday.

On these picture M and me sneaked off to finally get that huge lovely carpet we longed for in the TV-area, we have a huge dark grey sofa there which fits all of us plus guests. The one in the living room is white and so unpractical with children that we had to re-think.

Anyhow, I wore these dark green pants and matched it with this lovely wool cape from Marni.
Talk soon!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Oh what a cosy and fun evening it was yesterday when family and friends had gathered to celebrate my warm and adorable father! I loved hanging with everyone and time literally just flew away!

(shirt: Cos, culotte leather pants: Lindex, heels: Salvatore Ferragamo & bag: Hermés)

Saturday, September 12, 2015


One of our very strong traditions we and many with us have, is to buy Lördagsgodis (Saturday sweets) in Karamellaffären at Drottninggatan 14 in Sweden. All of my friends goes there in the weekends with their family and it's so old fashioned, yet cosy and has the best selection of sweets and chocolate. My boy, even though he did not feel 100 precent super, just had to go there since we bring the boys every Saturday. So after his French lesson I had a big ice cream and we all bought a bag of sweets, one for every member in our family ...

(jacket: Chanel, cashmere sweater: SoftGoat, jeans: Zara, boots: J.Lindeberg & bag: Cèline)


The boys and me have been so so the last couple of days, but now at least I feel better. Tonight we're celebrating my dear father who has his birthday and do we have a big gift for him!? Oh yeah!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jeans skirt

So my youngest is sick but we're happy because we expect visits form M's parents today from Geneva. I also feel a little so so but hopefully the fresh hot ginger water I'm drinking will cure me fast!

(shirt: Tom Ford, skirt: Lindex (in stores now)


Et voila!
Love the autumn temperatures and the lovely fresh air in the bright sunlight. Autumn, I love you!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I bought these Saint Laurent boots with silver stars many weeks ago and honestly have been dying to wear them with this sort of combo. For me, it's in the details things becomes interesting and personal. I never have time for my hair (or interest to be honest) and always wear this simple makeup, so my shoes, garments and bags is really what makes my style pop!

Tomorrow I'll show the whole look!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Saturday fun

Such a cosy family day and I love having my God daughter close (the little girl in a dress) and to see my oldest bestie (the one with a baby boy)  being a God mother to Alexis, which makes our children "cousins". They play so well together. Since I have no daughter myself, i love buying her beautiful clothes and can't wait until she can inherit some of my closet when she is older!

(and yes, I cut little Leons hair for the first time ever ... )